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How To Resolve Toshiba Laptop Suddenly Shuts Down?

 Posted by Toshiba Support on May 23, 2018

In this modern era, we all rely on the technology and laptops are one of them. It is the most usable technology among the people in today’s time. Like all other gadgets, it too has some issues like shudding down, overheating, etc. In this blog, you will get to know that what are the basic reasons of shutting down and how to get rid of it?

The following details will help you in knowing the reasons why your Toshiba laptop suddenly shuts down and what is the remedy!

Toshiba Laptop Performs Slowly


  • In most of the cases, a laptop shuts down because of overheating of its battery. Overheating occurs when you use it in an excessive manner.
  • It can also occur when temperature of the place where your laptop is kept is high.
  • Cooling hardware and dust accumulation is also a major cause of this problem.
  • How to solve: Make a cooling paste and apply it on the processor. Clean the fan and the graphic card with a clean cloth properly. Buy a cooling pad and use the laptop by placing over it.
  • Battery

  • The sudden shut down of a system also occurs when a computer is being used for long time or, excessive charging.
  • How to solve: Test the battery if it is working well or not. If not, buy a new one with the same amperes that your laptop requires and replace it.
  • Faulty hardware

  • This problem is not common and when it occurs, a non-tech person cannot resolve it by himself.
  • How to Solve: If you have checked all the parts of your system and nothing found to be faulty. Still, the shut down problem occurs then you should contact Toshiba Support for help.
  • Virus attack on Laptop

  • This may be the reason of sudden shut down of your Toshiba laptop. If virus has entered in to your system it may damage the whole data.
  • How to Solve: Install good antivirus software on your computer and run a scan for virus. Di it on a regular basis whenever you work on the internet or share anything via USB.

Now, you have come to learn that what reasons might cause the shutdown issue on your computer. Whenever you charge the laptop, just make sure that the power supply you are using is not faulty. If none of the above instructions helped you out, make a call at Toshiba Technical Support Number to get the best solution for your problem. The earliest you call them the sooner you will get rid of this problem.

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